Last Minute Valentine's Day Snack!

Hi guys! If any of you are looking a perfect Valentine's Day treat to make last minute then I've got the hookup. This chocolate popcorn is a perfect activity and a great excuse to do something fun with your sweetheart. It only takes a couple ingredients and no hassle at all. Follow along below to find out how to make this delicious snack!


  • One pack of popcorn

  • Half a pack of white chocolate

  • M&M's 

  • Pink sprinkles


  1. Make popcorn in microwave and place on a flat pan or cutting board with parchment paper. 

  2. Melt white chocolate and sprinkle it over the popcorn evenly.

  3. Add M&M's and sprinkles.

  4. Place popcorn in the freezer for half an hour.

  5. Take out and place popcorn in little gift bags or in jars as desired.