Flight To Macedonia

Hi Everyone! Here I have a collection of photos from my flight over to Macedonia. Trust me I had to fight tooth and nail to get a window seat so that I could take some photos while over the big blue beauty. I will be visiting several countries in Europe through the remainder of the month and I am extremely excited to photograph everything and share my trip with you! My flight was very long but so worth the amazing views during and after the flight. Landing was such a relief because we had been in the air for so long. I was completely ready to get off the plane and get some food that was real and a large glass of water. For my flight I wore a pair of leggings from Victoria's Secret Pink Collection and my favorite T-shirt. My leggings are a mesh material at the bottom so they don't let you get too hot and my T-shirt is from a Hozier concert I attended in Cleveland. 

I urge you all to get on a plane and go on an adventure of your own. Or just go somewhere new around your home where you haven't been before. Go make some new memories and have fun!

Catch ya later! XO Diana