Exploring The Mountains of Kosovo

Hi guys! If you have been keeping up with my Instagram posts you know that I have been in Europe for the past couple weeks and I've been going to many different countries with my family. It has truly been an amazing couple of weeks and I have learned so much. I have been able to experience different cultures and see how differently other people live from day to day. Here I have a collection of photos from my trip to the mountains of Kosovo. We couldn't go all the way to the top of the mountain because the road only goes up half way and it is too cold up there due to the altitude change but the view from half way up the mountain wasn't too bad! You can actually see the snow on top of the mountain in some of the photos. Since it was chilly I put on this warm sweater from Victoria's Secret and these cropped leggings I picked up at Kohl's. My athletic shoes are pictured below and are from the newest Adidas Collection. They are the perfect shoe for hiking around mountains! 

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These cute little pups live on the mountain and are native to Kosovo. They breed with wolves in the mountains so they are fearless yet the most gentle giants when they grow up. They came right up to us to play!

Here we wanted to take a picture by the river and I ended up falling in it two minutes later...it was worth the fall!