Did You Say Fish?! Visiting Trofta, Istog

For anyone that loves beautiful scenery and amazing food this place should be put on your bucket list! Its known as Trofta and it is a small resort in Kosovo. When it originally opened it was only fish farm but later on they added hotels and the most delicious food you could ask for. They have a normal hotel or the cutest cabins on the water for those of you who are a little more adventurous. Once you get settled in you might want to walk around and enjoy the scenery. It is wrapped by the mountains that border Albania and Montenegro and completely surrounded by water that is full of baby fish! The water is set to the same temperature year round so that the fish are able to thrive. The restaurant offers many options of food but mostly fish being that the place is surrounded by them. I got a trout fillet over vegetables and ate pound of bread all for under six euros! 

I wore a Nike shirt, jean shorts from H&M, and my Adidas athletic shoes. You can easily wear something more fancy and dress up for dinner but we were doing a lot of walking so I thought that athletic shoes were most appropriate and comfortable. You definitely need sunglasses because the sun reflects off of all the water and you wouldn't want to be squinting all day. 

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