5 Reasons To Visit Kosovo's Hidden Gem Prizren!

1. Its a stunning city!

Prizren is the cutest town that I've seen yet! it is right on the southern border of kosovo, which borders macedonia and albania. Its a cute little town right at the bottom of the most beautiful mountains and is surrounded by stunning waterfalls and a bunch of pastel colored buildings. No one is allowed to live downtown so it is full of cute shops and little mom and pop restaurants. When you make a visit here make sure to pack a camera and comfy shoes because you will be walking a lot!

2. Great Food!

Let me just say that the food here is delicious no matter which restaurant you pick! It is all made from scratch and chemical free so get ready to taste some great Albania Cuisine. It is also very affordable, ten of us ate for around 40 euros! You can see the prices on the menu. For those prices I was expecting the food to be somewhat like fast food but it was all great quality, delicious food! I got a hamburger and Coke. 10/10 recommend. 

3. Its compact and easy to explore!

For my Lakewood folks, its comparable in size...but half of it is engulfed by mountains so its really pretty small. Its easy to walk around from store to store, grab a bite to eat, snap some photos and continue on for a wonderful hike!

4. Cute Souvenirs!

There are many places to stop and grab a magnet, pair of sunglasses, or an eagle necklace! If you come here you have to stop and grab a souvenirs as a memory!

5. Five minutes from stunning views!

Not even five minutes, the city is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. This makes it perfect to go for a hike in the morning and then easily have enough energy to come tour the city and grab a bite of food when you're finished. Below is a map of kosovo. Prizren is shown right by the southern border.