Take A Spin Through Virginia, Why You Should Visit The Jefferson National Forest!

Hi! OMG its been a while! I've been offline for quite sometime because I have been doing a lot of traveling and sometimes its nice to get offline and see the world while detached from your computer or smart phone. I have SO much awesome content for you guys and I can not wait to share it all! I love this platform allows me to share my experiences with all of you. We all have the same small group of people that we talk to everyday but the most fascinating part about the online world is being able to connect and learn from new people everyday. For me it means that I get to share my experiences and you guys can virtually travel to the places I go through my photos and words. One day you might go and see these places for yourself, you might create a connection and there will be a whole new meaning for you then there is for me. That is why I love traveling. We can all go to the same place, talk to the small people, sit in the same room, but at the end of the day we all take away something different. 

Anyways, lets get down to business. For those of you still reading, you must really be here for the Virginia pics. Don't worry, I have some really neat ones for ya! Now, I will say that this place is not for the city folk. You might love it though..so I would still go! Picture this: rolling hills, green, green grass, barn after barn, horses, cute fence after cute fence, pigs, ducks, geese, cows, dogs, cats.. you get the picture. Its perfect! This is what I call serenity. There is not a soul in sight and the air is so pure you almost feel weird breathing. After driving through this beauty you hit the Jefferson National Forest. Its awesome! There are soooo many trees, and can I say windy roads... They've probably filmed endless car commercials through those roads, and if they haven't then they probably should because it would be really cool. In the end, if you are up for some layed back country time you should take a weekend and spend it here! 

It was nice chatting with you guys, I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments or on my Insta!  I will definitely be back soon with some more awesome stuff! 

Catch ya later! XO Diana