How to beat the winter blues!

Hi lovelies! Believe it or not, the winter blues are an actual thing. Most people want to stay at home and in bed because its not even worth it to go out in the cold. And then you loose any excitement you have for the day and procrastination usually sets in. Today, I have some tips for you on staying happy and beating those old winter blues!

1. Light some candles! Studies have shown that candles, when picked in a pleasant scent that one enjoys, heavily reduce stress and calm those antsy nerves. Pick a good read, grab a cup of tea and sit by a window somewhere admiring the snow fall outside. The candle will give your room an instantly homie feel and start to work its magic. 


2. Try doing yoga in the mornings. As expensive as this might sound for some of you, it can be very cheap. There are many free yoga lessons on youtube right at the click of a button! Yoga increases blood flow, patience and dramatically changes your outlook on the day. This is all because you are focusing good energy on your body. While yoga may not be everyones cup of tea, there are many quick workouts or even stretches you can do in the morning. Any kind of movement gets your blood pumping and your heart ready for the day. With the new year here and many people having already failed their New Years resolutions, why not pick starting the day off right as your new stride to becoming a better you?


3. Get a furry friend. Nothing makes me happier than my little buddy Mojo. Not only does he love to snuggle up to me on cold and snowy days but he loves to play and keep me busy no matter what. I love going out and finding cute sweaters for him to wear when we go on walks together. Dogs are mans best friend, and getting a furry friend not only cures your winter blues but any one else's as well. During the cold months dogs need a good friend to to take care of them and love them as much as anyone else. Here is the star of the show, Moj. 

4. Get out there.  As cruel as this may sound, bundling up and getting out to experience the beauty around you is not that bad. While it may be bitter outside, it is nothing that. a scarf, hat and gloves won't be able to tackle. Here in Cleveland we are surrounded by beautiful scenery. There metro parks are always just a blink away and more then any time worth the visit. The snow covered branches make for phenomenal photos and wonderful keepsakes! So grab your friends, or puppies and jacket of course and experience the true beauty around you. 

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