Realistic resolutions to try in 2017

Hey Guys! I've got some tips here for you that might be a little more realistic than the usual "new year new you" lines. Let me know what you think!

1. Make your bed every morning. 

Lets face it, who doesn't love coming home to a well made bed? Studies show that making your bed every morning gives you a sense of accomplishment, creates a positive state of mind and generally reduces stress. It also creates a build of good habits by creating a routine it becomes something that you do without putting too much thought into. It makes you crave a more organized living space. 


Are those pretty colors or what?! the best part is that none of that food is bad for you! every new year all you hear as far as resolutions go is..."i want to loose weight". i'm sure that one hundred percent of people are guilty of letting this one slip. the truth is that you don't have to starve yourself to do so. try cutting out junk food from your diet for one week and there will definitely be a noticeable difference. you wouldn't believe how much better you will feel in general just from cutting out preservatives and junk from your life for that short period of time! not only will you feel lighter because less junk means less salt, and less salt means less bloating. but, you will feel a boost in energy because preservatives in junk food generally make you feel sluggish. so, go ahead and give it a try!


This step is scarier for most people than anything else on the list because we have grown so attached to our devices. Although there is such a  wealth of knowledge that can be retained from social media, there is an enormous amount of negativity. Studies show that spending too much time on social media actually distracts you from what is going on in your daily life momentarily but can cause a lot of stress later on. Sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter put a lot of stress on relationships because couples are often spending way too much time scrolling instead of communicating with one another. Any social site also encourages procrastination because you are wasting your time instead of spending it wisely on what you need to get done. Try deleting the apps from your cell phone for a week and pick up reading or spending some quality time with your family and friends. 

4. Buy yourself fresh flowers

I know that with Valentine's Day just having passed most of you guys already have some delightful colorful beauties set on your dinning room table or in your bed room but you should really try and incorporate this into your everyday life. You wouldn't believe how a bouquet of fresh flowers will just wipe your stress away! I love having fresh flowers in the house no matter what but once in a while I forget to grab some and I have really noticed a difference from when I have some in the house and when I don't. Plus, anytime someone walks in they will compliment them or say something and its really a great way to strike a conversation about something that is peaceful! 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully these are tips that you guys can actually incorporate in your daily life! If you have any ideas or requests please leave them down below. See ya next time! 

XO Diana

The first three photos were taken form The last photo is mine. All rights reserved. All opinions are my own.