Maria's Field Of Hope: How You Can Help End Childhood Cancer

Hi friends! Just by looking at these photos you know exactly where they were taken and hopefully the reason behind their planting in the field. These sunflowers were part of Maria's Field Of Hope in Avon, Ohio. A field not only containing magnificent flowers but also magnificent hope. It exists because a seven year old girl named Maria died of a brain tumor known as a glioma. This tumor is the deadliest of its kind and the highest cause of cancer deaths in children. Although much peace is felt while walking through the field, little peace actually exists for the families of children suffering from this thief. 

As you walk through the field there are many little signs that hang off of the flowers with expressions such as "enjoy the little things". Many expressions that really make you think of everything you have and everything you take for granted on a daily basis. 

There are opportunities for you to make a difference and those include donating or volunteering. The money that you donate goes to helping fund research, help families and increase awareness. You are able to donate or sign up to volunteer right on their website but I will put a link down below for those of you that are interested. 

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