Fun Things To Do On A Fall Day In The Cleveland MetroParks

Hi guys! So now that it is fall and your outfits are cuter than ever, you probably need a place to go so you can actually get out of the house. Today I'm talking about five fun things to do in the MetroParks on a fall day! 

1. Walk your Pup

If you don't have a pup of your own....borrow one? Just kidding....but you can go for a walk with a friend or someone in your family. I mean what better way to catch up with each other than go for a walk through beautiful scenery and see the river moving slowly and and the leaves falling one at a time. I take moj because there is nothing he loves more than car rides and long walks...i'm not sure how those little legs can handle it!

2. Go Kayaking

You can go down to the Metroparks and rent a kayak or stand up paddle board..however I'm not sure if stand up paddle boarding will be fun as the weather cools because you could fall and the water would be cold. Regardless, kayaking is always fun and an affordable hour spent with friends or family. 

3. Go Fishing

I was surprised by all of the fishermen..and women down there! All it takes is a little time and a lot of patience! My dad fishes year round and he says that there is nothing better to do because you can go by yourself to collect your thoughts or with a group of friends on a weekend and have a great time!

4. Make New Friends

Any time I take Moj he always ends up making new friends but there is no reason why you can't go down to the park one day and introduce yourself just like moj! There is no need to be shy! 

5. Have A Picnic

My favorite thing to do is have a picnic on a warm day in the summer but I think its even cuter to put on a flannel, grab a blanket, and some snacks and have a picnic on a fall day. Moj loves picnics because anytime he can steal some snacks he becomes the happiest puppy there is. Bring your dog or your kids and take some cute pictures with the changing leaves that will last you forever!

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