Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Shirt (H&M), Sandals (American Eagle), Girlfriend Jeans (H&M), Nail Polish (OPI)

Oh My Gosh Guys! Has it been feeling like spring out lately or what? I like the snow but I'm more of a sun dress type of girl, and while beanies are oh so stylish I think I would much rather replace them with a floppy summer hat. So, we were going for a cruise in the Jeep yesterday, Starbucks in hand, we decided to stop for a stroll by the beach since it fit the picture...Ha! On the way there we were listening to some of our favorite country songs and I had the window down with my hair going all over the place...a very music video worthy moment, swear. 

I'm wearing my girlfriend jeans from H&M, which are probably my most worn Jean because they are so comfy and look good dressed up or down. Up top I'm wearing a turtle neck, also from H&M. Its a very thin material so it is nice to wear on those warmer days when the sun shines a little bit brighter. My sandals are from American Eagle. They are basically Birkenstocks but a little more affordable so I didn't feel bad getting sand on them. Being a college student and always wanting to splurge on the newest pieces in stores I think its great to be able to find something very similar yet more affordable. As always, everything is linked down below so if you are interested in purchasing you can..or just checking them out for fun. Thats it for today guys, thanks for visiting.

Catch ya later! XO Diana