Livin' On The Lake

Sweater (American Eagle), Pants (Gap), Shoes (Adidas), Scarf (H&M)

Hi Guys! I'm finally back with another blog post after doing some traveling. I will have my travel blog up later this week!!! Make sure you guys are following me on insta and subscribe to my mailing list for my blog so you can stay up to date with any news I have for ya! 

So after being out of Ohio for a little bit I really just needed to go for a walk around the city and see why I keep coming back here. I think that we sometimes forget how much beauty is around us because we are so preoccupied by social media and looking at what other people are posting and where they have been. Traveling is always a good idea and always so much fun but don't forget to appreciate your own city! 

I've been loving this warmer weather and decided to go down by the beach the other day to watch the sunset. It was a little windy but I think its nice to go down there once in a while because I often forget that we are a coastal town since we are looking at the water around us all of the time. Also, there are so many cool murals around! Check out this one of SuperMan that I found in downtown Lakewood! Did you know that SuperMan originated in Ohio?! 

So for my outfit I put on my favorite Gap pants and paired them with this beautiful sweater from American Eagle. This sweater is so soft and it was such a good deal! I only paid $17 for it and it was 60 percent off! I always love a good bargain! If you guys do as well, American Eagle is still have a huge after winter sale so you might want to check it out. For shoes I wore my white Adidas which aren't pictured but are always a go to. I topped everything off with this cozy scarf that I picked up at H&M for 5 bucks! Yes, that cheap. I'm a sale rack lover and I try to look for good deals because I know that many of us are in college and aren't millionaires....just yet ; p 

If you guys want to see anything in particular or some kind of outfit doup, let me know, I'm always open to new ideas! Ill be putting up a new blog in a few days so catch ya then,