Late Nights On The Beach

Hi guys! Mojo and I are back this afternoon to spend some time talking about our little trip to the beach! We decided to go watch the sunset together because the water looked calm and it would be a little different than our usual trip to the park. I thought that the water looked pretty smooth but when we got there the water was anything but smooth! The waves were crashing against the shore which made for some really awesome pictures which you will get to see on my social media accounts throughout the week. Moj had fun but he was a little terrified of the waves as they got bigger throughout the end of the night. I wore this super cute romper that I got at Macy's. Its so comfy and perfect to slip on for any kind of laid back night by the water. My slippers are from target and they have been my go to recently. You can check out some pictures from the rest of our night below! 

I have some great posts coming this week so make sure to check back in! XO Diana