How Positive Affirmations Can Improve Your Life

This blog is LONG overdue. Amidst new classes, new work opportunities, and brand collaborations I have been SWAMPED. Around Christmas  my sister who is at OSU recommended a documentary on Netflix that changed a lot of things for me. It was called The Secret. I don't think its on Netflix any longer but there is a book and I highly recommend that you all look into it. The Secret is all about the power of positive affirmations..something that I never thought I would believe. If you don't know anything about the power of positive affirmations, I would suggest that you at least google it. Its worth a look into because it is something that has changed my sister's life entirely and now mine. 

An affirmation can work, because it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept. Your mind doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. When you watch a movie, and you start to laugh or cry, your mind is empathizing with the characters on the screen even though it is only Hollywood magic. There are both positive and negative types of affirmations. I'm sure many of us can remember being told as a child by a teacher, parent, or coach that we didn't have the ability to do something (we were fat, clumsy, etc.). These unwholesome statements can stay with us in the conscious or unconscious mind, which we then reinforce throughout our lives. Psychology.Com

Now this is something that is hard to do, but with practice and continuous reinforcement you can convince yourself of anything you want. It works hand in hand with the mantra that the energy that you exude is what you receive. If you continuously are giving your best, the universe will hand it right back. Whether it be something that you are hoping for; such to exercise, good grades, or even that car that you have been wishing for. If you sit and focus on your goal and the positive energy you have given to make that goal become a reality every single day, it will become it a reality.  

Further than materialistic wishes I believe that your affirmations should be full of the promotion of self love. We live in a world of constant communication and negative comments that continuously flood our feed with every update on social media. Amanda Joy Co. is a company that strictly promotes self love. They believe that we are all more alike than different and that our differences make us unique but it’s in our alikeness that connections are created  and community helps to cultivate self-love. Each piece of clothing that they produce is made in the USA with the highest of quality and something really cool is then printed on the inside of each piece. A POSITIVE AFFIRMATION. Affirmations such as: I love myself as I am, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy, my thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity, and many more super motivational affirmations. The hope is that every day you wake up, put on your outfit from Amanda Joy Co, read your positive affirmation, and begin the day off on the right foot. I truly believe that this works and if you feed your mind with positive energy, you will only attract further positive energy and positive opportunities into your life. 

I will link my outfit below for any of you that are interested. I highly recommend this brand as their quality is INCREDIBLE. I have worn these pants at least 25 times since I received them. You can easily dress any of their clothes up or down..which I love! 

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XO Diana