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This Organic Product Has Changed My LIFE

Hi guys, long time no chat! I am back and ready to tell you guys about some new products that have made the BIGGEST difference in my life. I have been trying to switch all of my products to organic and vegan products and try to incorporate a healthier way of living day by day. We are all so wrapped up in this extremely fast paced, chaotic world.

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Breast Cancer Prevention: What Deodorant Brands Are Hiding

Hi friends! Today I want to share something with you that I have promised myself to improve on throughout the year. That is, an organic lifestyle! At the beginning of the year I was introduced to an incredible brand...

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Essential Oils: What They Haven't Told You

Hi guys! The topic of discussion is a little different for today but only because I have yet to share with you this new fascination for essential oils. To be completely honest, two months ago I didn't know what essential oils were let alone believe in their power to heal.

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