keep calm, autumn is here

Leggings (American Eagle), Boots (Target), Sweater (SteinMart)

Fall!!!!! What a perfect time of the year! The beautiful flowers of summer have almost all gone away but as I look around at these beautiful colored leaves I don't really miss it. I have really been enjoying longer sweaters that are thick and cozy, like this one that I picked up at SteinMart while out with my grandmother. They are great because it seems to get quite windy throughout the afternoon and I am not really a jacket lover until they are needed. So, if I can go without my bulky jackets I will. I love leggings but I do not want to look like I'm going to the gym every day of the week so when I want to dress them up I throw on a longer top and riding boots. OMG, lets talk comfort really quick....these boots are perfect. Not only are they super cute but they are comfortable for all day wear and they are affordable! I actually got these last year as a Christmas present so I can not find the exact pair on target's website but I am sure that they will soon bring them back in stores. I will link a very similar pair down below just in case anyone wants to cop a pair and give them a shot. I know that in my last post I stressed my love for the metro parks but I don't think that it will hurt to circle the drain. I have been quite overwhelmed lately with school and work and hobbies and making time for everything that I need to do seems kind of impossible. I have been making time to take hour strolls in the park and clear my mind and I would recommend it to anyone. Not only is the scenery every so beautiful and constantly changing, but I do not think that we appriciate the simple things in life. The world around us is so beautiful and we should make time to take it all in. These colors will only last so long and soon it will be snowy and white around us. And while that is beautiful all in its own, why not grab a coffee of hot tea and take a stroll around your nearest park or even around the block and learn something new. See something new and experience something that might make you more open and appriciative of the world around us. Life really is magnificent and when you take the time to enjoy it you see things that you might not of seen before or even something that was right in front of your eyes! So grab a warm drink and a cute journal and go take a stroll, clear your mind and learn something new. Talk to a stranger, compliment a little girls outfit or give someone that you see struggling a hand. If you put yourself out there and focus on the positive then you will see more and more positive things happen to you. As always friends, thank you for reading. Ill be back next Friday! XO DIANA