sunset blvd

Jacket (Forever 21), Top (Evie), Pants (Gap), Shoes (Converse)

Holy Sunsets this was a magical night! I have yet to see such bursts of orange and red in the sky at the same time. Where am I you might clue. Some random field which had the most scenic view of my life. Although it was around 50 degrees because the sun was going down I have never been more excited to take pictures because the colors around me brought a feeling of euphoria and peace that I think could only be experienced by being there at that exact moment. The brisk air was fresh and brought back memories of walking home from school with friends back in my elementary years. And better than anything being in a random field with no technology means not having constant social media eyes on you but rather the use of imagination to look for shapes in the clouds and finding mysterious little foot prints on the trail. My denim jacket from the infamous forever 21 did the job and kept me warm and stylish while my favorite kicks served comfort and and functionality while walking through the field. This was just a classic combo of light sweater and corduroy pants that can be worn anywhere. I would recommend my pants to anyone because they are actually pretty warm and match with anything you throw up top.

I've actually been trying to think of a good quote to add to the bottom of our little chat all week, and its harder than you think! There are so many of them but most are ones that we have heard or are irrelevant. So I found this one, "if you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done".  I really enjoy this one because I'm at a time and as are many of my readers, where things in life can be stressful and choices are being made. Whether that is about school or relationships or work and I really believe that no one wants to be stagnant in life. I'm trying to make myself uncomfortable on purpose and want to do things this way because if you are too comfortable with where you are and how you are doing in life than you won't grow. This time is crucial because while we are young we either make or break ourselves. Just a lick of advice from me would be not to stress too much. Whatever happens, happens. Just take it with pride and keep going. Do something you've never done and experience something different. Lets start exploring and making memories because if we don't now there will be nothing in the books for the future. If you got this far down, thanks for your time! Get out there and get something done! See ya next Friday, or keep up with me throughout the week on social media. Also make sure to leave a comment down below telling me something spontaneous the that you have done recently. Thanks! XO DIANA

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