city girl

Top (H&M), Pants (), Shoes (Sperry Top Sider), Flannel (American Eagle)

Guys, girls, gals....omg. The fact that it is still 50 degrees in a SHOCK. Why we don't all have our winter coats and boots on is beyond me. Regardless, I'm ecstatic! It does get a little chilly in the shade but its November..there should be snow on the ground not an expected high of 70 degrees. So to replace my winter jacket I have been layering because who doesn't absolutely love layers?! I think the flannel under sweater is the easiest yet cutest pair yet. Here we had a few errands to run downtown so I threw on this flannel from American Eagle under my H&M top and I was feeling ultra girl vibes all day because of this pink. Its a great combo though so regardless..great pick! I am in love with this top because its so casual yet can be dressed up. You can wear it for lounging around the house with sweats or a nice pair of pants the next day and you're all set. Thanks H&M for thinking of those of us that like to wear clothes for more than one occasion and putting comfort and style together. My pants are just cordory pants that I have had forever, I don't know where I got them. However, they are my go to for chilly weather so I will try and find a similar pair and link them below. Now for a day where yo will be doing a lot of walking the most important thing is....can you guess??? Yep! You guessed right, SHOES! I got these top siders as a present and am so thankful because aside from being totally freakin' cute, they are so comfortable! Now Sperry Top Sider is known for comfort but I would 10/10 recommend a pair to those of you that will be doing a lot of walking. These look good in any occasion and obviously as boat shoes they do the job when it rains. They keep your feet warm and dry but not sweaty which is hard when not wearing socks. I could probably live in these so you guys should probably give them a shot if you're ever looking for something affordable. Before doing all of the walking we stopped into Starbucks, only for the holiday cup though. JK. But aren't their holiday cups so cute this year?! My favorite drink is a white chocolate mocha no matter what time of the year. I should probably venture out and try something seasonal but.....I'll play it safe for now. 

My quote for the week is, " Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace". It is so hard to walk around and pretend like what others say does not ruin your day but remember that they are just one person. They may be having a bad day or who knows what they are going through so try not to take anything too personally. During this week lets try and be nicer to one another and hopefully we can start some kind of chain reaction. I think that the more smiles you share and the more kind words and compliments that you give people, the happier you will be. I truly think that I am in a better mood if I start the day by smiling and sharing kind words with family and friends versus something that they wouldn't want to hear. So thats it for our weekly chat guys. Ill catch ya next week! If you enjoy coming here and reading then join the fam and subscribe for weekly updates. P.s. I have been looking for a good book to start reading so if you know of any good reads, leave them down below. Okay, thats all for now! XO DIANA