staying warm for the holidays

Winter jacket (H&M), Turtleneck (Valerie), scarf (forever 21), gloves (Urban Outfitters)

Happy Friday guys! And happy holidays! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate an over abundance of food. Hopefully all of you slept well after all of that turkey! I think that the weather is finally making up its mind here in Cleveland and I think that its chosen to be a usual bitter cold. That means its time to hit the nearest Sephora for lip balm and a face serum to keep your skin from drying out due to the wonderful winds. If you do go, make sure to find something with spf in it because the sun's rays are even harmful in the winter believe it or not. I have actually been loving the little vaseline for my lips. I got it at target and its great because its real thick so you don't have to constantly reapply. The only downside is that if the wind blows, my hair will stick right to it. HA! Twenty-first century issues. 

I purchased my winter jacket at H&M last year during Christmas and let me tell has been a life saver. I hate going out in the cold and being able to feel the wind through my jacket. This one is pretty warm and I think its due to the lining. For around fifty bucks or so I think that it was a great purchase. I also really like the color because I noticed that I have way too many black jackets in my closet and they all look the same! So, if you want a nice fall color this one is your match. I will try and look on their site for a similar one because I am pretty sure that they bring out the same line every year. As for my gloves..thank you Urban. I really never loved mittens but I got these on sale for literally five bucks. So..I threw them in the cart. I like them because even though there is no snow on the ground the wind can be really harsh and I think gloves and a scarf really make a difference. 

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving I thought I wouldn't look for a quote this week and instead just I've you guys a tip. And that is, "there is always, always something to be thankful for". I'm sure there is someone that would love some credit for that but I'm not sure who its from. I've heard it a lot this week and would like to believe that everyone in the world has something that they are thankful for this Thanksgiving and every other day as well. As I was scrolling through Instagram I couldn't help but notice the extremely over used caption of "thankful for..." this thanksgiving. It makes me happy to see these things because they are usually over pictures of family and friends....occasionally of food, but thats okay. I think that we should try to acknowledge what we are thankful for a little more often. Maybe once a week or everyday. It can be as easy as thanking someone for doing a good job at work or even your mother or father or siblings or husband or kids. You can be thankful for these people everyday because they are your biggest supports and have helped you get where you are now. With the media world becoming so large I feel an obligation to even thank my supports. Try to say something nice to someone each day and make their day because you have no idea what they are going through. I often think that we are very envious of one another as a race. But, instead of bringing one another down why not encourage each other and offer kind words if anything and see the impact that will have on everyone. I believe that we would be more likely to thrive if there was less negativity and this all in our control. One person at a time can help. With that being said, thank you all for checking out my post and keeping up with my weekly shenanigans. Please don't forget to subscribe! Stay warm! XO DIANA