autumn gold and burgundy

Army Jacket (Forever 21), Dress (H&M), Tights (Forever 21), Boots (Forever 21)

Gold, burgundy and army green....fall is still among us in Cleveland and so is summer apparently? With the weather holding up I have been loving sporting cute dresses and getting use out of them before the wind starts numbing our cheeks and gloves become a must. I have been taking advantage of the 70 degree days and going on walks while I can. I love the beautiful scenery around me, its everywhere! The leaves are all magical shades of red, orange or yellow and its more picture-esk then in movies. We found this cute bridge in Olmsted Falls. It was hidden by an overwhelming amount of beautiful trees and bunches of loose leaves. Its perfect for pictures or just to look at because...why not?! I went to forever 21 to pick up a pair of tights because they tie the outfit together. These are perfect because they actually have very thin lines that stretch vertically and we all know that your entire outfit is in the little details! My dress has quarter length sleeves and is nice because its a pretty thick cotton material that can also be warn in the cooler months. If I'm not rocking a head to toe yoga outfit I love to look a little more put together. I urge you to throw on a cute dress and tights, grab some heels or heeled booties as I have in the photos above because you automatically feel better. I love to put together an outfit that I can wear all day but also doesn't look like I just woke up. If you have a lunch date or simply are going to Panera to grab a cup of tea and do your homework you can be comfortable without sacrificing your style. This way you feel more motivated to get things done because you are not wearing pjs all day! I'm going to start leaving you guys with a quote to hopefully get you thinking and being more positive throughout the week. This week's is "be kind to unkind people, they need it most". I don't actually know who the author is but I love it because I would love to live in a world where there is more peace and less negativity around us. As always guys, thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe. Meet ya here next Friday! XO, DIANA