christmas shopping?!


Hello my blogger friends! It's been a while! The holidays have been quite hectic for me because I have a big family and well, gift, gift, and more gift shopping. Of course. Love it or hate it, its what needs to be done around this time. Thankfully I love shopping so for me going to the mall eight times a week is nothing but fun and more fun! I have been going so often that the cashiers probably know me by name...and so do the shoppers. Haha. I was blocking traffic by standing in the middle of people while trying to get the perfect shot but its okay, I think they understand the need. Believe it or not, people will steer the complete opposite way when they see a camera for some reason. Me? I say..right towards it! I love detail shots and so any time theres a moment to snap an ootd I'm all for it. And obviously taking pictures of food and beverages...I mean if you didn't snap a pic did you really even eat it? The other reason why I obsess over taking photos all of the time is because time is not still. Seconds turn into minutes and then into hours and then our day is over with. And while so many people dread long days, I love them. I mean you will never get this day back so why not treasure it? I think that we should try to freeze these beautiful moments in time so that we can go back later on and see what life was like. Or maybe even next week. Who knows. 

As for my outfit, I splurged a little for this sweater. Pendleton has been one of my favorite brands for a while...well in my head maybe because their sweaters are a little pricey but you always need a good quality sweater that will last you a while. If you are looking then this one is for you. This cable knit beauty is soooo warm that you won't want to take it off. Its also a great color for the holidays so you can rewear it and no one will mind. I got tired of wearing pants so I picked up this skirt at H&M and I love it. That zipper down the front caught my eye because it gives it this retro vibe and when paired with the right top it would be great for a night out. Or....a day at the mall in my case. My booties are so comfy, and target really did me a favor when making these. You can wear them all day and look stylish and the double belt buckles will always be a go to. Just throw on a pair of tights and a scarf and your outfit is complete! All of these pieces will be able to be purchased down below. Please don't forget to subscribe for weekly updates and thanks again for coming to chat! I hope you like some of these pieces, see ya next week! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XO DIANA