White Picket

Shirt (H&M), Skirt (American Eagle), Shoes (Urban Outfitters)

And this week we have a blue....SKATER SKIRT!!!! I can finally say I have hopped on the bandwagon and picked one from the plethora of them around the mall. It is definitely not hard to feel your wallet get a lot lighter as you walk around and see one sale sign lead you to the next. My shirt from H & M I would most certainly recommend to everyone because it is just fabulous. It is a crop top but it is not so cropped that you can not tuck it into anything. As you can see I was able to tuck it into my skirt for a sleeker and more put together look. Head over to Urban Outfitters and not only will you want everything that they sell but you will most likely end up spending hours in there..as I did when I purchased these beautiful white Adidas sneaks. Overall if you want more than a casual look I would suggest making a pit stop and and splurging on a few more beautiful pieces that you won't ever take off again. 

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