row, row, row your boat

Shoes(Target), Pants(Hollister), Shirt(Forever 21) 

Sun, Salt, Ahhhh our favorite three words just got thrown for a loop as another s word joined the collection. I think we all know that sadly summer is coming to an end and school will roll around in a couple weeks. Which means....we will have to tone down the cuteness of our outfits for something more casual and last minute to throw on two seconds before grabbing our books and heading out the door. All because we have to sit in a three hour lecture about philosophy, take notes, and be good students. With that being said I don't think that any of us should have to sacrifice our love for fashion just to be comfortable because there is always a happy medium! Here I am showing you a simple outfit that is able to withstand the heat of the beginning of the school year without making you stick out like a sore thumb for "trying too hard". So what I put together is white on white because why not..right?! All white outfits are great because you look classy and white reflects the suns rays so you will not be baking while walking into class carrying twenty pounds of books. The shirt I have on I highly recommend because it is SO airy. Thank you forever 21 for thinking of us while stitching together this beauty! It is so so so so, nice. It is breezier than any other top I own and the delicate lace at the top automatically dresses up any outfit. As for my pants the are white skinnies I have rolled up at the ankle. They are super nice because they aren't as heavy as regular jeans so you don't really feel them on. These sandals are a must if you have gotten over shower shoes yet still want something as light as those two dollar rubbers. I added a blue wallet for a pop of color but you could add any type of colorful book bag or cross body bag to hold school necesities. I plan on doing some new back to school styles during the next couple weeks so make sure to check! For anyone that might be interested in purchasing any of these items, I have listed them below so feel free to take a look. Also, I would love to hear your opinions on this stuff and if you have any recommendations for further blogs please leave them below. As always thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe, and enjoy!