day-night look with one pair of jeans

Boyfriend Jeans (H&M), White T Shirt (H&M), Orange Tank (WildFox), Messenger Bag(Forever 21), Wedges(Ralph Lauren), Mary Jane Slip Ons(Urban Outfitters)

Ever have a super busy day ahead of you and can't think of what to wear? You might need something for a breakfast date that would also fit for a lunch date and school and running errands at the same many events, so little time. I had a bunch of errands to run this day and a lunch date and was grabbing dinner later on in the night so I needed an outfit that would make it through the day..all while looking super cute of course. First stop: Einstein's to grab some we all know, they have the BEST bagels! I grabbed a staple and from my closet and every girl in the world is about to be let on a big secret.....Girl...Friend....Jeans.......Yes, I said it. Not boyfriend jeans..those are a little too baggy, girlfriend jeans always have the perfect fit and look amazing on. They can be dressed up or down and can be found literally...ANYWHERE. I threw on a white t shirt from the one and only h&m and slipped on my mary jane flats from urban. After grabbing my cross body bag from forever and sunnies I was all ready to head out for a nice cup of joe. (They have delicious coffee by the way.) My first look is casual enough for anything that the day throws at you but cute enough to get some compliments..and who doesn't like a "omg I love your outfit" once in a while?!?! As the day went on I changed from my Mary Jane's to my wedges for a little height and added style. I also changed my shirt to an orange lace tank that definitely dressed up my outfit and made me dinner ready! As you can see, one pair of jeans can be very versatile and obviously a bang for your buck. As always, thanks for reading..catch ya on the flip side! XO DIANA