Victoria's Secret coming in handy for yoga and brunch

Sweater (Victoria's Secret Sport), Leggings (Victoria's Secret Pink), Shoes (Nike), Watch (Apple)

Hi there friends! So this week has been quiet hectic with school starting back up so I thought I'd try to destress with what other However, leggings and a sweaty t-shirt aren't always the cutest combo when you have a post yoga brunch with that cute boy in your life, or even just a friend! Its hard to always look put together when you are running around and have a million things to do but just a few twists or adjustments to an outfit and you'll be ready in no time!

My typical work-out outfit usually just includes a pair of old black leggings and an old t-shirt because I usually just come home right afterwards but when I have something else to do after wards I have to think about what I will want to wear for the rest of the day. Here, I still stuck to leggings but I picked a nice pair that I actually got on sale at Pink. These were a great deal and they are so cute to wear around town. If you are looking to pick something that can be more versatile you can always wear a pair of printed leggings, pleather ones or even a pair of the velour leggings and you have already upgraded. Instead of just wearing a t-shirt I opted for a sports bra and threw on this comfy funnel neck sweater from Victorias Secret to keep me warm outside. I grabbed my favorite Nike running shoes and I was ready to go. These shoes are my go to shoes when I know that I will be doing a lot of walking because they are light and flexible so my feet do not feel squished in them after a long day. 

The new year can be a pressing time for most people because there is usually some form of pressure to keep up with your New Years resolutions or school starting back up and new classes being thrown in, or things popping up at work but always remember to keep smiling and enjoy each day. Thanks for keeping up with my shenanigans! Make sure to stop by late this week for a chat about New Years resolutions!