Chopped My Hair!

Sweater (Gap), Skirt (JCrew), Tights (H&M), Booties (Target), Watch (Apple), Bracelets (H&M) 

Guys! You wouldn't believe it. Half of my hair is gone and I feel forty pounds lighter! I had been debating on cutting my hair for a couple months because it was getting to a point where it was long curly and pretty easy to maintain in the mornings but....I was putting it up all of the time. I wanted to cut it so that I could straighten it and keep it down more often. Now I am kind of forced to keep it straight because otherwise I look like I have a short lions mane, yes my waves in the morning are quiet untamable. For the most part I have just been using Tresemme's heat protectant spray and taking a flat iron to it every other day. I picked up this heat protectant for six bucks at Ulta and I love it because its infused with Keratin so it gets rid of those stubborn fly aways and leaves my hair feeling super smooth. 

Its been freezing out so I've had to rethink all of my outfit choices to something that won't let me end up with hypothermia if the wind happens to blow while I'm out of the car for maybe two seconds. My top from Gap is completely versatile because you can wear it with sweats for a night in or dress it up for a cute outfit to your favorite restaurant. I paired my skirt with these patterned tights from H&M to spice things up a bit...or to keep me warm but think what you want. My boots are from Target and they are perfect for doing a lot of walking in and still looking nice. I picked up my bracelets at H&M and paired them with my watch because I'm really into the whole mixing metals trend right now. I love the contrast between the gold and silver plated jewelry. 

If you guys are interested in anything that I'm wearing you can click below and purchase them. Some things I have had for a while so they are no longer available but I found items that are fairly similar. Make sure to follow me on social media and subscribe!