Rompers Are So In

Romper (H&M), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Bracelet (H&M)

Hi Guys! In this day and age there is nothing that anyone loves more than convince and for that reason I have fallen in love with rompers. I'm just like every other girl in the world and you will definitely find me in my room every morning trying on seven different outfits. All of that work only to walk out of the door wearing the very first outfit that I tried on. Not kidding. So to save myself some time spent in the morning playing dress up I have purchased some rompers and they are definitely life savers. This one from H&M is both cute and affordable. At $30 it was cheaper to buy this than a shirt and a pair of pants for an outfit so, why not? I paired it with my favorite accessory pieces which are my Daniel Wellington Watch and my seashell bracelet from Target. On the other hand I am wearing my Pandora bracelet which is great for any outfit because its so easy to customize it with different charms. If you guys are interested in my watch you can get it for 15% off with the code MOJANDME. The link will be below so make sure to check it out! Also keep an eye out for many new blog posts coming later this week, I am in Europe currently and have so many awesome photos to share with all of you!

Thats all for now! XO Diana 

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