The perfect outfit for Cabin Fever

Sweater (Patagonia), Leggings (Victorias Secret Pink), Shoes (Marshall's), Socks (Dicks Sporting Goods), Hat & Gloves (Urban Outfitters)

Baby, its cold outside. Really, really cold. And if you just so happen to be bored, or are wanting to go to a cabin to stay warm, or just dress like you are headed to one then I've got something for ya! This week I am thanking Patagonia for saving my life because it was B-I-T-T-E-R out there.......and I'm sure you know that I'm not kidding if you are from here, but if you are not then here is the dilemma. Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio, where we get to experience four seasons a day sometimes. #Blessed. Right? ....Or...Wrong... Well if you just love the cold for some reason and have decided to live here with the rest of us than here are some essentials for getting through these short, frigid days. 

First things first, you NEED a nice sweater. Pictured I have on my go to Patagonia pull over which not only is cute, but will save your teeth from chattering the entire time you are out there. Second, I love to pair it with a pair of fleece lined leggings and head out there to experience mother natures gift for the day. My leggings are from pink and are actually reversible so they are double the thickness of their usual leggings. This day it was very windy out and while dying to be inside roasting marshmallows over a fireplace I went outside for some reason and they kept me nice and toasty! Third, my go to department store (Marshall's) has the cutest shoes EVER. And, while being a college student I do not love dumping all of my money into over priced shoes only to wear them twice. These Tommy Hilligier Boots were  such a steal at only 30 bucks! Lastly, SOCKSSSSS. Totally underestimated. These cabin socks  are infused with aloe vera and are fluffy on the inside so my feet stayed soft and dry all day! Grab a cute hat and a pair of gloves and you are ready to head out!  

I know that it is cold outside but sometimes you just need to get out there for some fresh air. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy some beautiful scenery with my tips on dressing warm. Leave me a hint in the comments about what you would like to see in my next blog post! Catch ya Later. XO DIANA