Hidden Oasis

Shorts- H&M, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Purse-Calvin Klein, Bracelets- Pandora

Cute Bag...Check, cute shorts...check, cute shoes...check, cute oasis to shoot in...check! When you think of living in the city you imagine tall buildings, hectic tourists passing by and nothing but smog. In Cleveland we are lucky enough to have more hidden gems than you could imagine! This little park hidden by the busy streets of Westlake is just that. Its nothing but.......GREEN. I'd never actually seen such beauty, especially not in our very own backyard. Today Cleveland thought it would be nice to give us 90 degree weather with about 100 percent humidity so your only hope was to find a tree for some shade and hope for a small breeze. I put together this outfit to keep me classy and cool since the weather was not on my side today. Instead of wearing running shorts and giving up I threw on these cute jean shorts from H&M. They are white which reflect the suns rays more than darker clothing will and they match perfectly with this tank perfectly. If its sunny out why not wear shorts and a tank and try and soak in as many rays as you can?! My Calvin Klein bag is perfect for any occasion because you can pack a drink to keep you cool and some snacks if you are going to be out all day. A big tote like this also holds all major necessities like.......sunglasses, wallet, hair brush, hand sanitizer, lotion, body spray, makeup for touchups, 15 chapsticks, and 100 bobby pins. I mean, those things are what end up in my bag every time so they must be necessary right? Lastly I put on my favorite Adidas shoes because you want your feet on your side if you are going to be walking all day. They are cute and go with every outfit..literally the best investment ever! If you are interested in anything I wore you can scroll down and click on the links to purchase! I tried to find the same items but a few are out of stock so they are similar. Thanks for reading and as always, Enjoy!

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