rockin' around...that plaid

Turtleneck (Forever 21), Skirt (H&M), Shoes (Target), Tights (Forever 21)

Hello friends! First of more school. YAYYYY! Now time to focus on the blog and fashion of course. Also saying hi to old friends and visiting family, playing with Moj and for getting presents.....duhhhh! For those of you that don't live in Cleveland, our fluffy snow is all melted. It lasted until Christmas and then...poof, gone. There is nothing out but brown leaves and pale grass so I had to throw in a pop of color. HA! I picked this awesome skirt out from the sale rack at the one and only H&M. It was such a steal at only ten bucks. I'm in love with this pattern, especially because with the holidays being around it is extremely popular in every single store. No matter where you go you see the black and red checkers, sometimes on clothes, blankets and even bags. Anyways, I thought that this skirt was super cute for the holidays and it works so well because its such a strong piece that all you need to do is find a white top and you're set. I would have loved to have worn it without tights but....thirty degrees and blasting winds call for this black sleeves of warmth. I paired the outfit with these tights from Forever 21 because they are a real nice material or cold days where you are looking to look stylish yet stay warm. AND, they were three bucks.....I was a real bargain shopper this week so all of my college friends are going to love this because you won't need to break the bank. 

My shoes are from Target and they have been having very good deals lately so I would check out their stuff if you need a short bootie that can be versatile for any outfit. These I purchased last year but they have similar ones out this year that I will post down below for anyone that is interested. 

Thats going to be it for this chat guys, thanks for stopping by! Off I go to find a new coffee shop that is Insta worthy! See ya next time. XO DIANA